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Doris - Original Oil Painting on Stretched Canvas (Framed)

16.5  x  12.6 x 2 inches


"This captivating portrait of an elderly woman radiates confidence, happiness, and a touch of mischief. With a half smile on her face, she gazes directly at the viewer, exuding a self-assured charm. The artist's skillful brushstrokes capture the lines and wrinkles that speak of a life well-lived, while the golden-colored hat and light blue wool cardigan she wears add a sense of elegance and comfort. Against a soft pink background, the woman stands as a vibrant and captivating presence, her eyes sparkling with contentment and joy.


The sitter herself, with her undeniable confidence and happiness, serves as a profound influence on the artist, reminding us of the timeless beauty and strength that come with age. Overall, this portrait stands as a celebration of the human spirit, resilience, and the captivating stories found within each individual.."


Shipping included


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